Feb 4, 2010

Week 39: Doctor's Visit

Today I had another Doctor's visit and my first internal exam! :) Oh, to clarify, I am IN my 39th week, so I have 38 weeks down... I always feel like it's probably confusing how I post. When I started, I was ambitious with each week and now I feel a bit silly about that- hehe.

I did all the normal stuff- urine sample, blood pressure (good), then stripped from the waist down. I had a male doctor today (in the practice there are 2 females and 4 male doctors), but I'm good with all of the guys. I have an overall preference for female doctors- particularly with OBY/GNs- because they usually know better what things feel like, but with this practice I have found EVERYONE to be really fantastic! Great bedside manners, very gentle, pretty go-with-the-flow people :) And the guy who I met with today is from California (yay! hehe) and he also is very active with the blood cord donation council at Fairfax Hospital- which I think is pretty cool.

Anyways, because it was a male doctor, the female nurse stayed in during the internal exam (as did my husband). To start with, we listed to the heart (good), he measured my uterus and then felt around to guess about how big he thinks Baby H is. His guess what that she is around 7-7.5 pounds NOW and so maybe 8 pounds by next week/delivery. I actually was not scared by this- I think I'm so big I was almost hoping she WOULDN'T be 6 pounds because that basically would be I'm that much heavier- lol. Just kidding :) But, I am rather pleased by her weight as it doesn't seem TOO big and certainly not small. We'll see how she is when she is born.

So, he then started the intern, which was really just him feeling around with his fingers. I didn't find it that uncomfortable and he said 'ok, a bunch of pressure,' but I really didn't feel too much. Of course, I usually don't have problems with my yearly exams, so maybe that makes a difference. Anyways, he felt in and... I'm starting to thin and I'm not dilated at all!

I'm actually not as disappointed by this as I thought I'd be. I think if it was that way last week, when I was getting so many harder contractions and back pain and all that stuff, I would have been disappointed, but I haven't been feeling that way this week. So, I haven't been feeling like I would have anything 'going on' down there. I think it's weird that I felt so much stuff pretty much for the few weeks BEFORE this week, but ah well. :) (don't get me wrong, I'm sore and tired and all that, but the back aches and really hard pre-contractions or whatever kinda' slowed down)

So, I'm still just waiting! My mom is planning to fly out Feb 12 which should still work fine. If nothing is going on by my due date of Feb 16, they are going to wait until the week of Feb 22 or even Mar 1-3 to induce me. So, no matter what- I will have a baby soon! :)
Side note- as you can sort of see in my photo... I now have stretch marks on my belly :( I went until about week 36 I think with a clear belly (ok, 1-2 marks after week 28) and then it just exploded! So, I now have stretch marks on my tights/butt (those I got early on), my breasts (not too bad, whew!) and my belly (grrr). And this week my belly button went from really shallow to..... ok- I don't think it's an 'outie,' but it's not an innie. It's just kinda' not there anymore... lol


  1. Don't feel too bad about the lack of dilation. On the 19th, I went in and had an internal. I had been stuck at 1 1/2 cm dilated for a week, and wasn't anymore effaced. I went into labor that night. :)

    You're so close! Enjoy the rest of pregnancy. You will miss that belly and feeling the baby inside once you give birth!

  2. Thanks- I'm actually feeling ok; I think because I haven't been feeling as bad as last week... Now, if I start getting more pressure again and STILL nothing is going on- that may be annoying ;)
    I will try to enjoy this time! It will be odd when I give birth to have my body back to myself, lol.

  3. You're feeling good? With ALL of mine, I started feeling better a day before and the day of...like I wanted to...do stuff!! Anything! I was outside trimming hedges with my first and was in labor and didn't know it!! I was really active those 48 hrs. prior to delivery, and hyper! :) Maybe you'll get lucky! But I know you're all set and just "waiting"! tee-hee! BTW, You look GREAT!! Can't wait to see her!! TTYL

  4. hehe- I actually hope I don't go into labor this weekend- we are looking at getting 2 feet of snow tonight and tomorrow... It would be rather hard to get anywhere! :)
    Thanks for all of the love and thoughts; it really means a lot to me! :)

  5. great blog and sounds like you're doing fantastically. I never had an internal examination here(in the UK) until I was in labour. I personally would refuse them and let nature do it's own thing in it's own time. I'm pregnant with number 2 and hope to have this one at home. Lovely bump photo!

  6. you haven't posted in a while so i'm guessing you've had your little bundle yes?

  7. I'm so curious as to what happened and how everything went, I really hope you post an update, and I hope you and baby are both ok!!

  8. I am also very curious as to how everyhthing went. Hope you and baby are well and she had a safe arrival.

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  14. Was reading along, thinking you were still at 39 weeks and how we were only a week or so apart... Then I saw the post date and became disappointed. I'm sure you're busy off with the baby. Hope all is healthy!

    I'm still stuck with a beached whale of a wife for now. 3 more weeks to go!

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  17. I am so curious to hear what happened!

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  19. Congrats on the baby! You may be having another by now. Did you use a doula coach by chance? I heard that using a pregnancy coach if you are going natural is a good idea. let me know! Thanks

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  23. Like the wandering fairy said, I did't have an internal until the delivery...i guess it works different here in the UK

    don't worry if the baby comes out an 8 pounder. my Mila was 8lb 2oz! everyone was shocked as i'm quite petite. I found that it was a really good weight and size as i didn't feel as scared holding her then if she was 6/7lbs

    and i also didn't get stretch marks until the very end :( and there was me thinking i wasn't gonna get any and then BAM...an explosion of them -_-

  24. where is the outcome from this blog? did everything turn out ok?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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