Oct 14, 2009

Week 22: Belly Shots

After some delay, here are belly shots for weeks 17-22! :) Wow - I thought I was big at 17 weeks, but things are really starting to change!

Week 22:

Week 21:

Week 20:

Week 19:

Week 18:

Week 17:


  1. wow..you can really see the diff. from week to week! how awesome! i stopped the week to week pics cause i felt like i looked the same...but i'm growing rapidly again..so i may have to pick it back up!

  2. @crazy4chapstick - I know; it's crazy isn't it?! And when I look back at the photos, I remember how big I thought I was then and it's NOTHING compared to now! hehe :)

  3. Wow. It didn't look so big, though. I think it's lovely. I remember I used to wear some black maternity belts to minimize the look and for great back support. But yours seemed really beautiful. Congratulations!