Oct 14, 2009

Week 22: Feeling a bit down & swollen feet!

This past week I have been feeling a bit down... and a bit panicked about everything that is coming up. I have gone through my second period of time of feeling rather big, but this time I got VERY upset (ie, cried) about my growing limited mobility. Over the last about week and half or so, I have found it getting harder and harder to bend over... as in to pick up stuff from the floor, put on pants (I usually step in, now I have to sit down), put on knee-highs, etc. I HATE not physically being able to do things. I don't like scuba diving because I can't move around the water like normal and this is getting frustrating. Plus - my back/butt is hurting and it's like being sore ALL THE TIME!!!! :(

So, I got very upset and cried. Poor F - he didn't know what to do. Thankfully he pretty much hung around for a bit and then left me alone. (that's exactly what I need- to cry and be upset and get it out without drawing much attention to it while I'm crying)

He did ask why I don't ask other people how they handle the 'comfort' and so far I really just see things that is - 'this is pregnancy' and it's going to get worst. It's not painful - just very uncomfortable at every point of the freakin' day!! I also can't really ask my mom because I know that because she is on the other side of the country, she will worry about things because she is not here. (also, I don't think she would give any hints - so far it a 'deal with it' sort of thing because she didn't get advice during her pregnancy and doesn't seem to know what the doctors did either) Any advice? I asked my cousin (kinda' got stuff I already knew, plus to wear small heeled shoes), but I've also been just changing the way I move and walk and that is helping...

Good thing - this weekend we got a bunch of hand-me-downs and that is such a mental relief to have that here and not have to worry about choosing the 'right' one of things. Whew! We got a rocking chair, nightstand, changing table/dresser, and crib!!!! Yay to my family!!!! I know that it's nice to buy your own stuff, but buying stuff can be so overwhelming - it's nice to have the stuff and now I have an idea of what colors to decorate around! I found a few things that I like at Buy Buy Baby - I'll probably register there and some smaller stuff at Babies R Us. My babyshower will be in California in about a month and they don't have Buy Buy Baby over there, but hopefully registering with BBB will make everyone mail stuff to our house and not bring it to the shower!!
Other new thing of the week: I had a long (8-10 hours) drive to get the hand-me-downs and my feet swelled!!! First time for that - I thought it was pretty interesting ;) I think it was more the heat than the car ride because it didn't swell so much on the way back home. The swelling just felt like extra pressure - I was told that when I fly to walk as much as possible because the air pressure will also cause swelling... fun. :P The funny thing is that my feet are now a bit tight in my shoes, but otherwise don't really seem swollen...

Swollen feet after 8 hour drive... (actually, from this angle it doesn't look that different from my other foot picture - but I felt the difference!!!)

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