Jan 4, 2010

Week 34: Complaints ;)

So, if you are following me on Twitter, you have noticed my complaints. ;) I actually kinda' use twitter to keep track of what I am feeling so that I can write about it later here. Here are some things I have been writing on Twitter:

"So, mostly @ night & first thing in morning,I have pelvic pressure and now this: Stinging in my vag**a area- not constant; just quick stings"

"Ugh, awake w/heartburn. Apparently I'm meant to get a max of 4 hrs of sleep at a time for the rest of this pregnancy! "

"I keep wanting to walk around and then it's SO uncomfortable :( And it makes me feel super fat ... All sorts of unhappiness tonight "

"I feel like I'm in the first trimester again with all this dairy I want! "

So, my new and ongoing things are: 1. Not able to sleep as much, and 2. Heartburn.

1. I can't seem to sleep more than 4 hours at a time. I actually have a SUPER hard time falling asleep at night and then wake up early. Which always annoys me and before I was able to get back to sleep right away, but now I'm up for between 1/2 hour and hour (and usually do go pee). The good news is that I don't feel tired after that, which I normal would be.

With all this lack of sleep, I DO REALLY hope that when I go into labor it is either morning-afternoon. If it's at night, I would probably be tired and sore from the day and therefore MUCH more aware of any labor pains. If it's earlier, I would probably be happier and able to handle pain better. At least, that's my theory... ;)

2. Heartburn. Ok - this is new for me. I don't really get heartburn and I don't really get acid reflux (are they the same?). For the last week or so, I find that I get the burning sensation, kinda' like my food is going back up. The annoying this is that it always tastes the same! lol - before if I had any sort of regurgitation, it would taste a bit like what I ate. This is all the same! At first, it seemed to be worst laying down; now I think it's worst if I'm sitting up a bit. Overall, it's not so bad.

Other Updates

My mom came from CA for the week between X-mas and New Years, which was very nice. She certainly is more active than my husband and I on a normal day and so I walked around a TON more than normal. :) But, we also cleaned house really well and got the baby room painted and all set up! Yay! It's very cute. The baby clothes for months 0-6 was also washed and put away. I'm all set for Baby H to come out now!

This past weekend I packed the baby bag for the hospital. I need to still pack my bag. Any 'must haves' that you recommend?

Body Updates

Looking back at my photos, I feel like I was now so skinny then and so big now! Ok, not skinny, but my belly is so much bigger now! And still growing! I'm a bit sad, I finally started to get some stretch marks on the underside of my belly. Not too bad, but I was happy that I didn't get them until week 33.

My breasts have been leaking, which is interesting. Usually the right breast gives me a small dot of wetness on my nightshirt. The left one not so much, although the other night I had a wet spot that was about the size of a half dollar! hehe

Baby kicks: She is very active now - today she has been jumping all around! It is certainly mostly movements; she never really seemed to be into the kicks as much as just moving and jumping around. I sleep mostly on my left side and she will slide over there at night and then move back to the right during the day. Right now, she's just stretching all around.

Location: I'm not sure if she has 'dropped' or not - she has been rather low the entire time! I think at times she does, but then she seems to move back up. I have noticed in the last few days that there is more pressure on my pelvic area and I have to pee more often, but also that I get these brief stinging sensations. I don't sting when I pee, just these quick little stings at times. The pressure and stings seems to be mostly in the morning and at night, and these are when Baby H seems to be the lowest. I'll have to ask the doctor about this.

I see the doctor this Wednesday - yay!!! They don't do much when I go in besides listen to the heartbeat and measure me; I kinda' want them to check to see how things are 'down there' - ie, is anything changing or still all closed up? We are anxious to meet Baby H!!! Less than 6 weeks to go!

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