Jan 14, 2010

Week 36: Nesting & then exaustion

Yay! I'm in week 36 of my pregnancy and my baby is the size of... a melon!!! :)

It's funny because everyone thinks that I am pretty much ready to give birth now... makes me feel like I should give birth early! hehe

Anyways, this past week has been interesting as I totally went through 'nesting' and am now back to exhaustion.

So, it has been interesting to hear different people talk about 'nesting.' It was mostly annoying because if I did anything related to cleaning, I would hear "oh, you're nesting!" Because, putting my own trash away is not something I normally do...? Anyways, over the weekend, I feel like I went through what I more traditionally hear about when I hear of 'nesting.' That is, all of a sudden I really did have this burst of energy specifically aimed at cleaning up my house! No, it's not sterile now or anything, but the energy I felt was so nice and refreshing and it was interesting how I was determined to not have the dishes/laundry/mail pile up! :) I mostly enjoyed the energy part...

Then, after 3 days of this energy, I hit exhaustion again :( I have been Sooooooo tired! I feel so useless at work because I am tired and apparently can't talk that great. I have talked with someone about a project and then had to go back with follow-up questions because I just couldn't remember what we JUST said!! It's amazing and I'm soooo lucky my boss is an awesome person, because I feel like a horrible employee right now. I mean - I HAVE A MONTH LEFT UNTIL MY DUE DATE!!!

Again, due to my amazing boss, I get to now work part at home and part in the office. It's kinda' funny because I have pretty much gotten done everything that I wanted to before I went on leave and had to ask my boss the other day for projects because... I don't want to START anything at this point! It's such an odd situation to be in. I don't like it, but it is what it is...

I feel like baby H will be born in the next 2 weeks, but I have a feeling everyone feels that way at the end like this. I don't have any internal exams until the last week of January, so I have no idea if things are 'moving.' Of course, it sounds like even if they ARE, it doesn't necessarily mean that labor is coming any sooner... humph. Ah well; things are what they are! :) Wish me luck in my final month!

After about 3 days of that, I have gone back to exaustion. Part of that can be due to the fact that I'm at work and


  1. By 36 weeks pregnant your uterus is nearly 6 inches from your navel. Even though it may feel like you simply can't grow any further, some women may still have more growth since there is a couple of weeks left before giving birth. A normal delivery time is anywhere from 37-41 weeks.

  2. We are at the same stage! I am 36 weeks as of January 11th! I know what you mean about feeling like the baby is coming early. But now I'm kind of hopeful he will stay put since I hurt my rib!

  3. i'm 34 weeks now...and i'm not feeling like she's ready to come..but i'm getting that fear of not getting everything done before she arrives! i am feeling like i have a giant watermelon having from me though, lol. i get those bursts of energy and clean but then afterwards i am dead tired!

  4. @B - yay! Aw, I hope your rib gets better soon!

    @crazy4chapstick - don't worry; I find as time goes along I also re-define what 'must' be done before baby; lol :)

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