Jan 5, 2010

Week 35: My checklist of things to do before baby arrives

As so many people have been inspired (me from hisboyscanswim.com), here is my Checklist of Things I still need to do before baby arrives. Thankfully I just found my pediatrician and sent off my hospital pre-registration! :)

Here’s my list:

1. Send thanks you notes from shower in November (and for shower next weekend)
2. Buy Nursing tanks
3. Set up appointment to get car seat installed in car (http://www.seatcheck.org/)
4. Pack hospital bag for me and husband
5. Register for CPR class ? (I took a class, but it's been over 10 years, so I probably need a new one)
6. List of people to call after baby is born
7. Print out address labels for baby notifications
8. Buy bottle nipples (???)
9. Buy Nursing bras
10. Buy petroleum jelly
11. Buy infant Tylenol
12. Buy saline drops.

Post Baby H
1. Get photo announcement cards from Costco
2. Mail out said photo cards
3. Call insurance with birth info
4. Call to update my info for short-term disability benefits

Thankfully, I have much of the other stuff done that I have seen on other people's lists - yay! :) Anything else, you would recommend I do/get?


  1. I recommend the Playtex drop-ins system. Many breastfed babies seem to do well on those without nipple confusion. However, I would recommend waiting until at least 3 weeks to introduce a bottle, to be sure that nursing is well-established. Having bottles/formula in the house will only make you tempted when breastfeeding seems difficult -- but if you push through, you won't regret it.

    What is the petroleum jelly for? Are you just getting the Tylenol so you don't have to run out for it later? You shouldn't need it at all in the first few weeks...

  2. Yea, I was going off some lists I've seen; I still haven't done anything on the nipples because I'm not planning to start on a bottle until maybe 2 months in (for going out more than anything else and then when I go back to work)so I'm not in a hurry for that.
    The other stuff is more for later and so, likewise, I actually haven't gotten them. The petroleum jelly I hear is recomended to help with taking the temp from the butt, although is it really that bad? :P hehehe I heard anyways that you can pretty much tell, but I guess some doctors or if you have to call the emergency room- they prefer for you to have an exact reading... Overall, I'm not worried about that stuff.

  3. I am liking your list and your blog, its good to read about how you are coping being a parent for the first time. Being a parent now for only 2 montsh inspired me to create my own site which is all about What to Pack in Hospital Bag as we found being prepared for a longer stay in hospital served us well becauae we were in a week.

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