Jul 1, 2009

38 days - week 5

You're 5 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 24 days / 3 weeks
There are 242 days until your due date! (86.4% to go)
38 days passed - 38/280 represented on the bar chart below

In the know: The baby is only about 2mm (1/10 inch) long, but is well nourished and is growing rapidly.
from pregnancyandbaby.sheknows.com

I like this daily email. It doesn't give much info, but I like to see that I am almost 20% through my pregnancy already. It makes me feel a bit less nervous about things. :) I know, I know - what will happen with happen. But, it makes me feel better :)

I need to figure out a better way to sleep. My neck is very sore today and I'm sure it's tied to how I'm sleeping. I'm mostly sleeping on my left - lol. They always say to do that and I didn't think I would because I sleep on my stomach and right side, but I'm actually more comfortable on my left! And I do have a body pillow - even now. I find that as I get ready for bed, I get more cramps and when I lie down, it's best to have my head down, on my side, with the body pillow. But, since my head is normally not to this side, I think it's messing up my neck muscles.

Oh - my 'days' right now really are estimates since I haven't gone to the doctor yet and don't go until week 8. (crazy, huh? They didn't even tell me to take pills or anything now...) I feel like I should be further along, but this is based off my last period. So, I'll update everything when I find out for sure... I mean, I won't change the dates here, but I'll post the 'correct' due date in a later post.

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