Jul 1, 2009

week 4-5 - post 2 - Tired

So, I apparently meet my day at 4 pm. Start: headache and tired. Which is not good considering I wake up tired and have been getting to work late all this week. But, if that is the case that I'm tired at 4 pm, I should work on getting here on time so I can at least leave on time every day. I think work will be challenging.

1. Doctor's appointments (this may not be so bad, but I'm really going to use my sick leave! - 17 days worth right now)
2. Nausea/pee (I'm not thowing up, hopefully I won't)
3. Mentality - staying on track with paperwork and students
(need to better organize the files and processing procedures)
4. Prepare to leave - set up procedures book that we have been working on for 2 years. Get in there frequent emails, letters, billing info, etc.
5. Tell boss at.... 10 weeks? (should be pretty 'safe' at that point)

I'm sure I'll think of more

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