Jul 1, 2009

7 weeks - exausted

Sorry - no post for awhile... I'm getting more used to the idea and there just isn't much to share from day to day! :)

In week 6 we told family and a few (4) friends that we are pregnant. I always wanted to wait, but I suppose it's ok to say stuff. I mean, what happens, happens and so far I don't think people would talk too much if something didn't go well...

So now I am about 7 weeks along. Yay! My first dr's apt is next Wednesday when I actually get confirmed that I am in fact pregnant. I keep taking a pregnancy test each week... does anyone else find that it's ridiculous that they don't bring you in earlier? At least for the first pregnancy. I mean, they didn't even tell me to take vitamins or anything so I have been taking things just 'on my own' for the past 4 weeks. I will write a better thing later about the unfairness between women's care and male care...

Anyways, really starting yesterday I am feeling nauseous. Not throwing up (I guess that's a good thing), but just nauseous. And mostly mid-morning through mid-afternoon. If I keep eating, that helps, but once it starts, I don't want to eat.

Plus, I'm getting REALLY tired. After this post, I'm actually going to drive home and take a 1/2 hour nap. I can't really sleep anywhere here (maybe the car) and it's summer so traffic and parking isn't that bad. I can't keep this up though! It's a very odd tired. A week or so ago, it was like exhausted, but different. Now, it's getting mroe into "I can't keep my eyes open." Not good for working...

Hopefully I will work something out. My friend is visiting and staying at our house and I haven't told her I'm pregnant (not until AT LEAST the first dr's apt) so I have to act perky and stuff and that is kicking my butt. I'm super tired. Which is also not good - shouldn't I exercise still? But, if I'm tired... Not good. I'm getting fat, I think. :( Ah well - maybe that'll help to prevent stretch marks ;)

I'll try to write more about what's going on and cool stuff I'm getting from my mom!

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