Jul 1, 2009

Day 36: Part 2

Maybe I spoke a bit soon...
This afternoon my boobs have been itching like crazy!!! I don't even think that they are getting much larger (I have noticed a bit, but not a lot), but they are much firmer than before this month. I still feel like they are not as heavy as last week, but itching is supposed to mean they are growing! On the way home, I am getting some shea butter lotion! I have been using lotion on them in the morning, but maybe it's not good enough. (gosh, with all this water and lotion I'm surprised I'm still ichy)
Second thing - around 3 pm I got very hungry. Then a bit frustrated because I didn't know what for. ... Taco Bell! I got a Cruchwrap Supreme which was awsome - veggies, meat and beans + a tortilla and a bean burrito (ugh - can do without that). Now, about an hour later, I feel a bit full, but I'm glad I got that today to eat...
This is after my lunch, but I need to start to change my lunch. Ugh - much more planning! I need to get stuff to eat in the morning and then a more well-rounded lunch. So far this week I had inari and a plum yesterday and apple today. Apparently, that is not enough.
And... every day I get tired around 4 pm. I'm tempted to change my working hours so that I can go home early... But, I would have to get to work earlier and that is probably not going to happen. Of course, as I mentioned before, I seem to be getting up quicker so maybe that'll work at some point! :)

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