Jul 28, 2009

Week 11: should I start taking belly pictures?

This seems to be the time of pregnancy when most women do start taking pregnancy pictures. I did take a picture about a month ago - farewell pre-pregnancy body! - but it was in my pjs and I'm not sure if I want to show THAT off. I'll have to find another picture :)

I'm not the most consistent when doing stuff like this, but maybe I can get in that habit. It seems best to get some clothes that you can wear the whole time so that your focus is on the belly and not on anything else...

I think it would be fun to do... I sure hope I don't have an ugly belly!

I guess right now I also feel rather fat. I know, I know - I'm pregnant. But, I have gained more weight than your supposed to - 7 pounds so far instead of 5 MAX! And, you just don't look 'pregnant' in week 11. I do wear maternity pants for work - they are SOOO comfy! But, otherwise, I feel very NOT toned and basically lazy and kinda' fat. :(

I keep telling myself I'll be better once I get more energy and start swimming in the next few weeks. I used to go in the am, but I'm too tired so I'm going to try the pm. But, pm can be hard - it competes with evening commute and dinner! Come on B! A little effort! lol

So, wish me luck with all this and let me know if you liked taking the pics or are just kinda' eh about it. I'm not sure yet. It may be one of those things that I do and then just delete later...


  1. I didn't take belly pictures (originally I thought it seemed strange to post pics of my belly) however now I kinda wish I did have them to look back on.

    Your body will change so much over the next few months - so even if you decide not to post them to your blog at least take pictures for yourself!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I'm leaning towards pictures probably starting this Friday or Sat (11 weeks over).

  3. Of course you should! I loved taking pics of my big tummy as weel when I was pregnant. Two weeks ago I made a poster about my belly story in my little boy room with, i think it's a great memory. Have you thought about names? I took ages to choose mine (Marlow) and after several research online I vote http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ as the best venue. I'm looking forward to reading you next post. xx

  4. Thanks Bounty! That is a very cute idea about having that in your baby's room!
    Haha, funny thing about the names that I should write about with my next post. Basically, yes, we know the names. We just need to find out the sex!
    Did you guys found out or wait? I used to think I would wait (hey, after 9 months I figure I should get some surprise), but now I don't really care and it may make the planning a bit easier...

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