Jul 1, 2009

Day 36: Week 5

Starting to do my blog with Day and Week since that annoys me when I start looking at other pregnancy blogs - I hear the symptoms, but I don't see WHEN!! (they usually figure to put in date by about the 6-7th week :))

It's weird because I don't really 'feel' so pregnant anymore. Last week (duh, I tested!), I felt more pregnant - albeit it is a lot like my period coming, but with just a 'different' feel. I could tell that my boobs got a bit bigger (and firmer), my eyes got a bit more tired, I naturally started eating better (then, once I knew, I REALLY ate healthier), I was very thirsty, thirsty for milk (I NEVER drink milk), and I had little cramps (and lots of gas). Now, I feel pretty normal. Kinda' like I had my period already and now it's over. Except at night. For the last two nights I have been SOOOOO hot!

The level of hCG (the pregnancy announcer hormone) in your urine is high enough to be detected by a home pregnancy test, so you'll be able to confirm what you probably already suspect: you're expecting!" www.whattoexpect.com

Me: duh! I got confirmed last week. Actually, I still think that is interesting because my period used to be on a 45 day cycle and the month before this, it was like 25 day and so I really didn't think that I should/could be pregnant because I tested on something like the 20th day! Which makes me kinda' wonder exactly HOW far along I am. ... very odd stuff.

And with every odd thing that happens, I get a bit pissed off (well, not pissed off, but I find it interesting) about how much we DON'T KNOW about female medical conditions like pregnancy, hearts and all that fun stuff. Not fair.

So, I don't feel very different, but I don't notice anything that would mean that something bad is going to happen. It just seems like everyone is different and that you basically just wait for a bunch of stuff. .... You wait to see if your pregnant.... You wait for your first dr.'s appointment at 8 weeks... you wait for your belly to get big enough for new clothes... you wait for the birth itself. This is very inexact, which I'm normally ok with going with the flow, but I guess I'm just nervous in general if something happens.... But, I can't, so it's an odd in-between spot.

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