Jul 1, 2009

Week 4-5: Hungry

So, after getting mad at F last night (although it was normal and not hormones!), I woke up this morning quite awake- like a morning person! Yes, it was 11 am, but we sleep in on the weekend and more than that... I was PERKY!!!
So, I don't feel so neauseous or not hungry or bloated, but I have been snacking all day. Which is probably because I'm at home and have all this stuff around. Thankfully, after I wrote it all down, it's not too bad.
But know what is bad? I want to loose some weight. I'm not overweight, but this past 8 months I put on 10 pounds. I'm still trying to figure out why. As much as I can tell, in order to not lose weight, I can only have 1,100 calories a day. Even when I was swimming for an hour!! So now I'm a bit heavier than I'd like. And I shouldn't diet. Of course I won't, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I hope all this healthy eating helps me out ;)
I really just want my neck/chin area to be thinner. My neck/shoulder is thinner, but I'm still waiting for the other part. Of course,last time I was home, I noticed everyone had that so maybe it's a family thing...
But, aparently I can still exercise. My problem Is that I wasn't very regular about it before so I'm not so sure how much to do now. Yoga seems safe (and swimming) do I'll just stick to those and walking at lunch. That should be fine.

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