Jul 22, 2009

Week 10 - Tired, tired, TIRED!!!

Tired, tired, tired!!!! I have been nothing but tired!!! And very distracted. I'm feeling like I'm getting behind on my work - although in reality I think I'm better off than I was a few weeks ago.

But, it's a very strange kind of tired. It's not a regular, I'm sleepy tired. Or a, I'm sore from working out. Or, I'm bored from work... It's a tired where you are... I guess it's kinda' like being sick with the flu. You just don't feel right and your brain is a bit foggy.

It's particularly bad for me in the morning. I am getting up later and later because I'm just too tired to wake up! Of course, I get up to go to the bathroom and then go lie down again. lol - I'm on the toilet for about 30 minutes... I'm not constipated, but it takes about that long to get things 'moving.' (I need to get some gas out first) Then, I just want to lie down again because I feel so tired. It was particularly bad yesterday and I ended up not taking a shower and being an hour and half late to work!! Thank goodness my boss is super and let me just stay late to make up the time (I'm doing that for an hour today).
It really sucks - mostly because I feel like I'm being lazy and more that I'm being a bad worker. I am taking FOREVER to do my tasks at work. That may be in part because things are a bit slow and un-exciting, but I think it's also because my head is a bit foggy! My cousin said to be sure to keep sticky notes around - I do that usually and do find that they help, but I'm also making a list of things to do. That seems to be helping a bit too. I may have to start putting deadlines on them though :)

I hope I stop feeling so tired going into the 4th month... I think exercise would help, but I've been so tired so far. I used to swim in the morning, but that's not working. I want to try in the afternoon, but that's when I go home and cook dinner and clean and stuff. So, I have to figure something out soon.


  1. Hello - this is my first pregnancy, too! I am 16 weeks and just a few steps ahead of you. I was absolutely lethargic until week 13. The same foggy, fuzzy, tired feeling you describe. All I wanted to do was sleep - and even after I slept I still didn't feel rested. The good news is it really changed as I got into my second trimester. I can still take a serious afternoon power nap, but the energy level is back up. The desire to exercize will also come back. Not that you'll want to run a marathon - but at least get up off the couch! ;)

    Look forward to reading along with you as we go thru this exciting time!

  2. Congratulations to your pregnancy! And thanks so much for the words of encouragment! I hate this foggy, tired feeling - mostly because I feel like a horrible employee! I'm glad that it should change soon :)