Jul 1, 2009

4-5 weeks along

So, I actually started a blog on another site before moving here. Her are some postings from the last few weeks.

So--- so far:

Tuesday, I had an idea that something was up. For the past few months (like 6), my period has been very abnormal. Last January (2008), after 10 years on the pill, I went off. I figured that 10 years was enough and that I shouldn't be on chemicals that long. Which didn't sit well with F as we were not ready for kids. We still are pushing it, but I don't think we would ever be ready, really. Anyways, so I was treated to a year of sex using 'pull out' which F was convinced works and considering I didn't get pregnant, I guess it did in our case. (I'll also checked my period to see when I was fertile and didn't have s-x (do they site you for writing these things?)during that time, but whatever). :)

This year, we decided that we can probably actually start going for it. Of course, between January and April - I had a 90 day cycle. Interesting... then the first month of 'trying' - we aren't that hard core - we had a whole argument about how this works. Right after my period, we... you know... and F thought that would be that. Like ovulation doesn't mean anything... To which I called his junk, 'magic sp--m' and therefore we didn't try 'properly' for the rest of the month to see who was right (I obviously was). hehehehe That was fun. Month two was... I think this last month actually and we were having fun with other stuff so that seemed to work fine. Oh, no - I had my period after 25 days in the Uk and then this is month 3, I think. (who cares?) Our philosophy is that it will happen when it happens and so not to sweat it. Yay! :)

Anyways, so this past weekend, things were feeling a bit different, but nothing unlike my period. But, if it was my period, I would be at like 22 days or something. I have NEVER had early periods, so this was new to me these past 2 months. Anyways, I always starting thinking things and I'm not pregnant, so I figure - "don't be scared - take a test and move on." So, I took the test and it was positive! I was surprised and that day did my whole read stuff and say, 'ok, it may be a fluke or something so I'll try again tomorrow." So, yesterday I took one in the morning (digital) and one in the evening - and both were positive! Very cool. I'm very cautious because things can go various ways, but it's still kinda' cool to know it's possible. (let's face it - there are plenty of reasons for not getting pregnant and so you just can't assume you will)

So, what is going on:
This past weekend and early this week, I have been gorging for ice cream (just a bit) and cheese. I was eating bread and cheese or quesidillas at 10 at night. I figure I'm low in calcium. Now, for the past two days, my appetite is low and I have gas. Not really giving gas, but cramps due to gas... booo... And I'm starting to be a bit tired with headaches. Which may be because I'm drinking tons of water and no soda. But, I'm not thirsting for anything like soda or coffee so that's ok. The last soda and coffee I had was this weekend. And I think you can have a bit, but not a lot.

I called the doctor and they don't see you until 8 weeks. ("don't you want to confirm?" "no, we take the at home test.") They didn't even give me instructions. So, I'm left to webpages to see what I can and cannot do. So, I started taking a multivitamin (they have the same as prenatal). That actually does seem go as I'm not craving milk. But, now I'm not that hungry at all! Ah well.

So, now I will update with what is going on until I make things public - my mom in 2 more weeks- everyone else after 8? 10? weeks.

Exciting!... but cautious.

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