Jul 1, 2009

39 days - week 5

You're 5 weeks pregnant
Your baby's age since conception is 25 days / 3 weeks
There are 241 days until your due date! (86.1% to go)
39 days passed - 39/280 represented on the bar chart below

In the know: Your breasts may already be preparing themselves to nurse the baby. They may feel tender and will probably be growing larger. You can help relieve some of the soreness by wearing a soft cotton sports bra (even at night) and also make sure you are not drinking large amounts of caffeine. There are many signs of pregnancy, ranging from those that make you wonder if you might just be pregnant to those that even your caregiver will consider proof positive. Here's a look and the signs and symptoms you may experience, and how likely each one is to be correct!

No kidding! As I mentioned before, my boobs are not so buggy as before (I won't really say 'tender,' but there is a difference), but I certainly can see that they have already grown! After they were itchy, I got some lotion with shea butter and coco butter (?) that has really helped a lot. I put those on every day. They said that because stretch marks come from under the skin, lotion can't really stop them, but it doesn't hurt and it'll help the itching which DOES come from skin stretching.

The other thing today... I can't fit into my trousers!!!! Oh no! Why already? That doesn't make sense! Last week I was super bloated, but I'm not really this week. I don't see any difference and isn't it early for that? My weight is about that same... ?????????

Now, in the past 8 months I did gain 10 pounds so my clothes were a bit tight. I guess that I have to either buy new trousers or figure out a way to make these work. (there is something like a baby belt that you can use to keep together your pants, while they are actually open? - I think I would need a long shirt to cover that up though)

So, I may check that out this weekend to see how that works.

I think I also need to buy this weekend something to send to my mom, brother and sister to announce that I'm pregnant. I think I found a good book online (But you don't look like a grandmother - or something like that), but I want to SEE the book before I send it. I don't want it to say something I don't like!!! :) I think for my brother and sister, it's going to be something small....

I'm the first one in my family (siblings - half my cousins are 10-25 years older than me, the other half about 10-15 years younger) to have a kid so I want to make it kinda' fun and special.

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