Jul 7, 2009

I'm not going to tell you anything if you give me stupid responses (8 weeks)

So, my sister is a nurse. Who, when she was in college, worked in a woman's health center at our local hospital. So, she has always been pretty good about giving advice in a pretty clear manner and not giving hype. But, she ticked me off today.
All and all, I don't think I'm too cranky being pregnant. I haven't been really sick, but have been nauseous. This past weekend I did throw up for the first time, but I don't think that had so much to do with pregnancy than the fact that I decided I wanted donuts at 1:30 am and ate a bunch of munchkin donuts holes. All that sugar and fried dough probably didn't help me much. Ah well. No more donuts.
But, this whole last month I have been pretty TIRED. That, and that when I would walk it is pretty hot outside (it is summer), means that I haven't been doing much physical activity. Now, I'm not the most physical person anyways, but I can tell there was a drop.
Also, normally, if I have more than 1,200 calories a day, I gain a pound. (I'm 5 foot, 7 inches) Now that I'm pregnant, I am eating around 1,800 calories a day - something that is normal. And, where before I didn't really follow so much what I ate, I'm not eating pretty darn healthy. I haven't even WANTED soda, coffee or most fried foods. I'm pretty much into complex carbs, fruits (that's very new for me - I don't really eat fruits), veggies (about the same as before, but corn is AWESOME!), and beef/chicken as normal.
But, I'm 8 weeks and have already gained around 5 pounds. Which, is more than what I should have at this point. Everything I read says, DON'T LOSE WEIGHT no matter what. So, I do figure that now that I'm starting to get more energy back (I hope it stays!), I will be more active and be able to better balance my activity and intake to stop gaining so quickly. (or, maybe I have twins or am further along than I thought... wishful thinking! lol)
So, my sister ticks me off because when I told her this, she is like, well you need to eat small meals. "I AM" Well, smaller. "I'M EATING ONLY 1,800 CALORIES A DAY." Hmm, maybe less bread. "I ONLY EAT 2 SLICES OF BREAD IN THE MORNING UNLESS I HAVE A SANDWICH FOR LUNCH" Less pasta? WTF? Like, less than what I do now? I don't do that much!!
Yesterday, my meals where:
Breakfast - multi grain bread with peanut butter
Snack - grapes
Lunch - Corn, Chicken breast
Snack - banana
Dinner - multi grain bread, 3 scrabled egges and 2 slices American cheese

For a total of 1,701 calories. Which, is pretty normal.

So, if I have enough energy, I walk at lunch about 30 minutes (to the mall and back). But, I haven't had much, so I figure that is why I have weight gain. And if I get my energy back, I can start walking more or start swimming again. All the sites say that swimming is the BEST for pregnancy, so that is easy for me. My body doesn't look too much heavier outside of my middle part and my chin a bit. But my arms acutally seem almostmost more toned and my neck is normal.

I was just annoyed at my sister for saying stupid things... We'll see when she is pregnant. She doesn't like to do much now... j/k

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