Jul 16, 2009

Week 9: clothes

In the last 2 days, I all of a sudden can't really fit into my pants. :( That's not very fun... I'm not really 'showing,' but I am certainly getting bigger. The good news - I weighed myself today and I'm the same as last week! That is a good thing, because this last two months I have CERTAINLY gained more weight than I should. I think it's because I have been so tired and not moving. I'm better now and my eating is a bit different as well - slightly smaller meals. My goal is to only gain about 1/2 pound every week or two until 2nd trimester. That is more 'normal' and on track.
But, my stomach is still kinda' sticking out. At work yesterday, I ended up unbuttoning the top two buttons of my pants while sitting down (I have my own office and wore a long shirt). The day before, I wore a skirt with the stretchy waist. (which I think made me look bigger) Today, I have some pants that usually don't fit well - they are doing ok :) Last night, we had dinner with friends and I wore that 'baby belt' over my jeans. It's kinda' like a black tube top that is meant to 'hold up' your pants so you can leave them unbuttoned until you get new pants.
I'm not a big fan of it - it LOOKS fine, but I also have a pretty big butt (!) and it kinda' slides up and so I'm always pulling it down.

This weekend, I'm going to go and check out pants. It seems so early, but I think it's about time. It seems like they now have pants that have the 'baby belt' built into the pants, which means they expand as the months so by. I'll ask the store if they hold up, but I need some work pants. I think I'm also going to need to get some long(er) shirts to cover my growing bump.
Looking online, the Maternity Place (or something like that)has decent pants for pretty cheep. I looked at Old Navy and Gap first because I always like when pregnant women wear their stuff - the pants are a bit more than the other place, but the shirts were very nice. So, I will shop around and see what is good.

Otherwise, today at work I'm pretty tired and distracted - yesterday I was pretty good! I don't like this changing back and forth... I am certainly better in the afternoon, so I have to start finding tasks to do in the morning that don't require much thought...

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