Jul 1, 2009

Faint - day 39; week 5

No, I didn't faint, but my goodness! I felt VERY faint! It was bad!

This morning I had my normal granola bar. I do know I need to get better about eating in the morning. At lunch, I had to go out to get some legal papers signed (well, I was a wittness) and by the time that was over it was around 1 pm!! I was very hungry and so got food and rushed back to the office - finally able to eat at 2 pm. Now, coming back, I felt a bit off, but by the time I got to the office - I was actually Faint. Like I was going to pass out. My blood presure must be so low. And my student workers are still dumb and don't do things very well or with much effort. (right now, they are reading and not doing anything productive) My boss called (and I was OUT!), which they told me about 1/2 hour after I had gotten back. And a student who I was supposed to have a meeting with at 2 pm apparently showed up early and hasn't come back yet. $20 she tries to blame me. Which - hell NO - I'm not putting up with that. Seriously - I work in int'l ed and if they think I"M unfair for not being in my office until when I said I would be, they have issues going abroad....

Anyways, I still feel very faint and so will finish what I need to do and GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. I have a friend coming in today and we are seeing a movie at 10:20, but considering how I feel now, I want to lay down before that.

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